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The United States launched the wisdom of the first things to create a safe and secure Wi-Fi module Home Furnishing life wisdom
2018-06-21 09:06:26

When we are at home, at any time to view the state of the home, the status of remote control appliances, home gas leak automatic alarm, back home will be able to wash a hot bath, curtains automatically opened...... The scene depicted in the film has been realized in real life. The past two years, smart home explosive growth, but at this stage of the wisdom of the home is connected through the Wi-Fi phone control, convenient for everyone to live while also hidden a great security risk.

Traditional home era, hackers want to remotely collect our data is powerless. However, when the air conditioning, water heater, smart cameras and even more and more home appliances connected to the toilet on the Internet, it provides an opportunity for hackers to sabotage. According to HP released July 2015 report safety assessment of networking equipment, in the past three years, more than 70% of the networking equipment have encountered security problems, such as Nest, Kwikset, Foscam thermostat lock smart baby monitor camera and so on, and hacking is the most common means. Specifically, including the black into the Internet of things devices for remote control, access to data.

Smart home devices pose far more security threats than vulnerable computers. On the one hand, they may lead to your family "open door", and even bring some form of physical injury; on the other hand, intelligent safety equipment Home Furnishing worse, they are not as mobile phone and notebook computer, password protected long and through safety testing. Therefore, to ensure the security of smart devices has become the major manufacturers need to solve the problem.

The beauty of wisdom Home Furnishing, Midea Group has "double wisdom strategy" wisdom Home Furnishing mission, when faced with challenges, always believe that the security problem is the quality problem, put emphasis on product development resources in network security. In order to ensure the safety of intelligent products, beauty and wisdom pioneered Internet Security Wi-Fi module, including software and hardware scheme, which is suitable for different cost requirements, the scheme has China information security evaluation center through evaluation, as the first is so far the only through the evaluation of the product.

Networking security module of Wi-Fi beauty, technology according to the national financial security requirements of standard design, with the domestic well-known hardware security vendors, the use of EAL4+ security chip, EAL4+ level security certification is the highest security certificate China information security evaluation center can be awarded at the USB KEY in the field. At the same time, in terms of security to achieve the most advanced protection key and anti power analysis and anti differential power analysis and anti fault attack, anti forgery equipment security requirements, to ensure that only control the privacy of information and the equipment user's right. At present, the United States and the Internet of things security Wi-Fi module for the industry first, the Internet of things to solve the problem of security is of great significance, which is an important breakthrough in the u.s..

The beauty of wisdom always is committed to creating a full range of network security, in July this year, the United States M-Smart security system in the smart home appliances information security certification program to obtain a security certificate, which is the highest level of information security certification of intelligent household appliances. At the same time, in order to allow users to feel more confident and more confident partners, the United States has also strengthened the company's internal information management, the United States and the wisdom of the home in November this year, successfully passed ISO27001 enterprise information security certification.

The launch of the U.S. Internet of things security Wi-Fi module, will solve the security problems for users, so that the wisdom of the home really into the tens of thousands of households. In the future development, the United States will always ensure the safety of users, shoulder the responsibility of home networking security, to create a more secure smart home experience, so that everyone at ease.


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